Rose Medina, MSW

Rose, Bastard-Child-of-the-East, was born and raised in NYC, a Nuyorican (Puerto Rican non-raised Jew), with a big mouth & many opinions.  She began this Podcast to bring together both friends, strangers & a Man She Met at a Bar, to discuss issues with authenticity, alcohol, humor, respect & illegal narcotics; consequently, with slurred speech and poor judgment (as per legal requirement, please read Disclaimer).

​As an overachiever, Rose attended both Columbia & Boston University proudly graduating with a solid D average. She worked as a CSW in NYC & LA but now is a stay-at-home-mom (an important job too damn it!).   She’s been a devout Feminist since 1983, when she learned the actual meaning of the word,  had her first orgasm & thought she was going straight to hell!

Seen on YouTube by none, starring in As Whole, Actress in her own mind, Comedian in her own head, and on a serious note, a Licensed Mechanic & Mother-of-Teens. She has traveled the world as a lifestyle & model but chose LA as her stomping ground.

Pay attention while she shares her under-educated, un-medicated, and unsolicited advice, on topics that you may or may not care about.  With a chip on her shoulder, and the inability to stop herself, Listen In, while she and a group of Americans drink and argue current issues.

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Halona is an entrepreneur, a professional life coach, an attorney (at large) and a social worker.  Oh - and an ordained deacon. Obviously, she still hasn’t decided what she wants to be when she grows up (she is open to suggestions).   All she knows is that the plight of mankind is in her hands.


She BIPOC - for the un - “woke” among you, that means “Black Indigenous Person of Color.” Amen to that!  Is she a woman first? Or a POC first? Depends on the issue and her mood. 


AACP wanted a Republican co-host but got something WAY better - an Angry Black Woman! She is a Yankee surviving in a Southern State - may God help us all!

Do you have Jungle Fever yet?

Jeff Capri, Comedian ~ The Chronic Guest

Jeff Capri is one of the top second-generation comics working today. Jeff has sparkling takes on pop-culture, clean-edged biographical/political twists and a silly pun or three. A world-traveled comedian, with ongoing appearances at Comedy clubs, military tours, cruise lines and corporate events, Jeff's strong improvisational ability enables him to adapt to any crowd. Jeff’s television appearances include Comics Unleashed, Last Comic Standing and Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star. Jeff has just completed his highly anticipated (Dry Bar) Comedy Special that will air in 2019. Jeff's 20+ year comedy trek has enabled him to work alongside many respected entertainers, including Ellen DeGeneres, Rodney Dangerfield, Joy Behar, and Bill Burr. Jeff also stars in the acclaimed comedy documentary “I Am Battle Comic.” (Available on Amazon Prime & iTunes.