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"A Race Consciousness Collective Thought"

By Dempsey Gibson

I'm tired Tucker. I'm tired of YOUR spin that misleads YOUR audience and gives YOUR covert approval to every racist with a gun who pick my people for target practice!

I'm tired Fox News. I'm tired of your compliance by never calling out, admonishing or terminating relationship with this level of vile and violence. Idiotic story segments on "white replacement theory" are welcomed as not only fact but a call to arms on your airwaves everyday but the actual truth of "Critical Race Theory" is viewed by you as propaganda to make white children feel bad about themselves?!

It won't be long now before the bullets start flying in reverse direction. You and yours combined dedication to buttress and never castigate the utter abhorrent in society has sealed that eventuality.

From the trash that stormed the capitol on January 6th to the domestic terrorist that killed 10 innocent black people at a grocery store you're culpable for the behavior, attitude and outcome.

Because of your eagerness and almost "need air to breathe" like compulsion for spin when the flames you stoke finally backdraft don't act surprised at my not standing there with a hose. For the first time ever, you'll just have to embrace the heat.

Don’t worry at that moment lust for ratings and paychecks will all be worth it because then you will know the magical healing of four wonderful words..." My thoughts and prayers".

Spoken together and just as quickly forgotten those words I'm sure will provide the same level of comfort and convey the same sincerity when more people with your skin tone than mine are laying lifeless on the ground.

Sinclair, OWN Network, Fox News and all the smiling talking head hypocrites hungry for airtime therein...My best advice is “when your labors bare its fruit... invest in Kevlar.”

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Unknown member
May 19, 2022

Thought provoking and so surreal.


Unknown member
May 19, 2022

Very Sad but True...

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