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Dear Democrats: You Just Lost Me by William A. Ferguson

Let this serve as notice to the Democratic Party, a party I have belonged to since I was 22.

From this point forward I will politely, yet firmly, recite the following script:

"If you want to let men cheat women out of their Title IX sports, put rapists in women’s prisons, and keep sterilizing gay and lesbian children, then you will not have my vote, my money, or my support."

I will be voting for Ron DeSantis this next Presidential election. I will also be voting straight R down the ticket in my state and local elections, and I am more than prepared to accept the political consequences.

I am more than ready to burn the fucking house down.

I will not vote for any candidate who pretends to defend women, let alone any who pretends not to know what a woman even is. When I encounter candidates or their representatives in any setting, I am prepared to make this understood immediately.

No walking on eggshells. The era of hurt feelings is over. This is too urgent. I have to be That Guy and ask: What is a woman?

If the answer is anything other than “adult human female,” I will decline to participate and make it entirely clear what I expect of any candidate or cause. The same applies to every “progressive” organization out there. If the ACLU wants to continue championing men who cheat women out of their Title IX sports, helping rapists access new victims in women’s prisons, and sterilizing children for liking the “wrong” toys, they can do all that without me, a former card-carrying ACLU member.

Since these insane policies were enacted without my consent and without discussing it with me at all, I utterly refuse to explain why. I want any would-be Democratic candidate I meet to come away with a clear understanding, uncomplicated by further discussion, that Genderism is driving away a potential supporter.

I fully expect the midterms will be a bloodbath for you as I now urge every other Democrat who is fed up as I am to follow my lead. You will never see us coming.

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Unknown member
Jul 18, 2022

I could not agree more! Joe Biden can't even blame this on his advisors because it is total common sense that anyone with a functioning brain would know. I will not feel sorry for them when they lose.

Rose S Medina
Rose S Medina
Jul 28, 2022
Replying to

Connie: I agree with you but why do you think so many people do believe this? It's completely not logical but so many truly believe, do you have a theory?

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