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Everyone is "Big" Mad by Catherine Estevez

Big mad according to the “urban dictionary” is being angry AF (as F@#$), making fun of someone or trying to be annoying.

Half of Americans are big mad (the other half are very happy). As ever, I exist in my own lane, I am neither angry nor happy; I am so very amused. I chuckled when Roe vs Wade was overturned, and not for the reason you think. While I am Christian and believe in the sanctity of life-and personally am pro-life, I also believe that we should all have a choice in how we respond to the world and our creator. Ultimately, he gave us free will, freedom to choose in all things; and now it has been taken away.

Back to the chuckle…I found it so amusing how many MEN were outraged. I mean everyone was outraged at the stripping of a “woman’s right to choose”. Am I in the twilight zone?

I admit, the latest flavor of women’s infringement bothered me, but not as much as the young swimmers on Lea Thomson’s team admitting that he sometimes does not cover up. What? What in the HELL? My outrage was so palpable, I could barely breathe. My gorgeous, soon to be 16-year-old niece is a competitive swimmer. This hit me square in the middle of my soul. What young woman wants to see a man naked they don’t want to be intimate with? So let me get this right…… a dude can go into an ALL-WOMAN’S locker room, walk around with his Johnson swinging around in blatant rebellion to the rights of those young women-cue the twilight zone music- and everyone applauds HIS bravery. This same dude can compete against a bunch of women and win-not just win- crush records; and no one bats an eyelash at the gross unfairness. They called it historic, well it certainly was, it was the historic pinnacle of male arrogance and oppression.

Penis by Jack Zalium

Wanna know when I felt outrage to the point, I shed real tears? I mean I ugly cried.

June 22, 2022- A man fatally shot his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend over the weekend, before turning the gun on himself. Investigators believe Taffari Celestine, 24, shot and killed 38-year-old Eric Sands outside the apartment. Celestine then reportedly forced his ex-girlfriend, 29-year-old Danica Aiken, into the apartment unit, where he shot her to death, before killing himself with the same gun. I just wanna say, I did not shed a tear for him.

June 16, 2022-A Texas mom says she was watching a movie with her children in bed when an ex-boyfriend showed up to demand a TV, he believed was his. Mother Brittany Sorrells says he was accusing her of dating someone else. Sorrells reported giving him her phone as they argued in front of her Houston apartment. Then, she says, he went to the back bedroom where her children were. The 29-year-old mom says she heard two gunshots before Jones left the bedroom. That beast killed her 9-year-old baby. My daughter will be 9 years old in a few months. He shot her baby in the HEAD for a tv and jealousy.

There are toooooooo many stories like this, every day it seems a woman is being cut down by a gun, knife, a CAR! She is stalked and has to hide herself and her children to survive. Am I still in the twilight zone?

Killings of women and girls by their intimate partner or other family members Global estimates 2020

Where is the outrage from the MEN? Where are the WOMEN that stand for WOMENS Rights? Should we only have a right to abortions and to hell with the right to LIVE, like actually not be killed by men?

Where is the incensed anti-gun chanting, the marches for women’s lives who too often are lost at the hands of the men that are supposed to protect and love them.

Y’all can miss me with this tomfoolery. All the “outrage” is hypocrisy. It drips HYPOCRISY. They choose when we can be oppressed and how. Don’t for one moment believe it. Focus on resisting it all.

Girls ~ Women ~ Men Who Stand by Women
Let's Get Angry!!! Angry by Thomas Angermann

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