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Iceman Inheritance : Prehistoric Sources of Western Man's Racism, Sexism and Aggression

Michael Bradley and John Henrik Clarke

Recommended by Rose Medina

The iceman inheritance is the most glaring admission about the European's attempt to dominate the world through racism. there are a large number of books on this subject but the writers tend to hedge on the subject by inferring that in spite of the atrocities and the

racism brought to this world by the Caucasian race, they have given the world some order, some technology and arts and letters of lasting benefit. what the authors of these books do not take into consideration is that in spite of the contributions that benefit the world, Europeans in their attempt at world domination created a disastrous climate for the world's people. REVIEW: BY ANDREW C.DUDLEY Fascinating read with very sound theories behind the perplexing drives, neurosis, and the pathological, racist mindset that comprise the psyche of the Caucasian. Behaviors that confound even Caucasians themselves, are explored with brilliant acuity and evidences from anthropological, historical- sources and data. A must have for any student of race-relations and Counter-Racist Psychiatry.

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