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My Response to Accusations of Transphobia by Aaron Ruby

You are sadly a very representative voice of Transgenderist Ideology, brimming with foul hatred, incapable of empathy and solidarity with women, the oppressed sex. It is axiomatic that no group can be defended or advanced at the expense of another oppressed group. That dynamic alone should give pause to anyone claiming to stand with the oppressed.

I cannot, with a clear conscience, say that I give support to anyone who infringes on the rights of others. That is why I refrain from supporting the Transgender demands against women and girls. The fact that Trans Identified Males claim their right to exploit and exclude women, who are infringed upon by the demand for respect and equality, calls into question any legitimacy of their declared cause.

I utterly support their right to desire to seem to be like a woman. That does not make them a woman, both as a question of the science of biology and as a mere fact, and politically they cannot usurp the condition of the oppressed sex, without contributing to the oppression of that oppressed sex, and without usurping the protections that the working class in its wisdom has bestowed on women and girls as long as class society reinforces sex oppression.

Thus, the desires and demands of the Transgender Ideologues are reactionary, misogynistic, homophobic, totalitarian, and oppressive. It is difficult to recognize this reactionary dynamic emerging as it does from the ranks of the heteronormative oppressed. But be that as it may, Transgender Ideology is thoroughly reactionary, as has been demonstrated again and again vis-a-vis various political questions.

The greatest gift society can grant us is freedom, from strictures, impositions, and prohibitions. All social sexual minorities seek not to be enshrined but to be blissfully ignored by the powers of the state. We make our own friends and follow our own pursuits. We do not need bureaucrats, preachers, or philosophers to pronounce us good nor sanctify our relations. Just let us freely love and leave the people who love us back.

Transgenderism is a homophobic fallacy, which is why it has been so attractive to rightwing homophobes."

Opinión piece by Aaron Ruby on NYT article

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