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The War Of The Little Gods

Updated: May 14, 2022

“While gossip among women is universally ridiculed as low and trivial, gossip among men, especially if it is about women, is called theory, or idea, or fact.”

– Andrea Dworkin

I want to scream. It’s been building for a long time now this scream. Centuries some could say. But I fear this scream. I fear how primal in nature this scream will be when unleashed. For I fear all that is left to do is to unleash this scream with all the anger it holds as our sisters had to do in the past. For once again man has used patriarchal doctrine to strip women of their liberty. It was leaked that the Supreme Court of the United States will over-turn Roe -v- Wade. The Supreme Court of the United States has determined women shall not be granted what all men take for granted - self-governance.

~ Stuart Tutt

As this news broke men began to gleefully tell “hoes” how happy they are that women can no longer murder children. Men who believe themselves to be the superior being. Men who think women should not have a voice. The only voice that matters is (h)His.

“Jenny had known Billy since she was 18 years old. He was 26 when they met, and he had just broken up with his fiancée. He told Jenny that the reason why he had cancelled his engagement was that his previous girlfriend had got pregnant and was considering an abortion. Billy was totally against the idea of abortion and felt completely justified in abandoning his pregnant girlfriend. On the day of her wedding Jenny was twenty years old and five months pregnant.” [Hennessy, D., 2012, p21-22]

It is the patriarchal doctrines these men cling to that reveal their weakness in their need to control. These little gods who for centuries treated women as chattel to bear children they claim as theirs. These little gods who for centuries have been murdering and mistreating children. Our children. These little gods that use our bodies and minds because it is their belief that women’s existence is to make them as God. To these men it is the male [God] who determines life and death. However, what it is known by these little gods is “The Empowerment of Women” has the power not just to lift men but society.

“What the cure for poverty really is. It deluded people for a long, long time. The cure for poverty has a name in fact. It’s called “The Empowerment of Women”. If you give women some control over the rate in which they reproduce. If you give them some say. Take them off the animal cycle of reproduction to which nature and some religious doctrine condemns them. And, if you throw in a handful of seeds perhaps. The floor, the floor of everything in that village, not just poverty but education, health and optimism will increase.”

- Christopher Hitchens

How? How did this happen? How, after so many years, battles, victories for women to be recognized as human. Distinct from the men we love and the children we carry. How did our society go retrograde? Where are our allies? Where were the people who are supposed to speak for women? Where were the Democrats? They too are busy playing little gods.

“Men have the power of naming, a great and sublime power. This power of naming enables men to define experience, to articulate boundaries and values, to designate to each thing it’s realm and qualities, to determine what can and cannot be expressed to control perception itself. […] The world is his because he has named everything in it, including her. She uses this language against herself because it cannot be used any other way.” - Andrea Dworkin

On February, 25, 2022 President Joe Biden nominated Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to become the 116th Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. During Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearing Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., asked her that most dangerous of questions “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” Women around the Western World held their breath in anticipation of Judge Jackson’s answer.

Unbeknownst, to the public at large, the “progressive left” has been insidiously spreading post-Modernist doctrine throughout universities and institutions for the past 50 years. Doctrines that are purposely convoluted and ambiguous it makes them virtually impossible to read. Yet, we are all to understand. A lesson learned from the Church. All are equal under the eyes of God. But… Only the chosen understand the true meaning of the written word of the Lord. Only “the woke” understand the doctrine of ‘Queer Theory'. Or so they claim. Whether they understand these doctrines or not. What they do understand is both doctrines gives them the language men need to claim woman as theirs. The script needed to elevate men and disparage women. These little gods battling for the “power to name”. With the power to name comes the power to claim. What all these little gods want to claim is woman.

The little gods of the left have declared “woman” a social construct. An abstract. An ideal. No longer is our sex the cause of our oppression. They tell us it is our “gender” that oppress us. That our bodies are no longer important when discussing female issues. In fact, they tell us we should not be discussing female issues at all. As female relates to our sexed bodies. That not all women are female. That as women we must be inclusive of these men who now say they are woman. Afterall, it is our gender that oppresses us not our sexed bodies. They tell us we must gift the language women use to define ourselves as women to these men. We can no longer define woman as a sexed class but a feeling. And anyone can feel like a woman.

On February, 25, 2022 Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., asked Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson “Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman’?” Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson replied, “I’m not a biologist”.

It was with those words’ women around the world new. We have no allies in this war. Only each other. For how can we define our, bodies, our lives, our experiences of childbirth. Unwanted pregnancy. Wanted pregnancies. Breastfeeding. The baby blues. When we aren’t allowed to define woman in any material way. Only as an expression.

Once again women are expected to be the collateral damage for an ideal. Once again women are the spoils of ideological warfare. I fear how primal in nature this scream of ours will be when unleashed.

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