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Women Give Life. No Rib Required.

Disclaimer: If I have misrepresented anything from a woman’s point of view, please accept my apology, I can never know your point of view…as an ignorant man I am trying to explain to other ignorant men an exclusively female experience so I apologize.

As a man, the hardest thing to realize is that my opinion about life is a great deal more pathetic than I would like to believe because the only way I can conceive of life is through my abstract imagination. I can experience life through my relationships with others but I can never conceive of life except in my abstract. It is difficult to convey to a man so he understands:

…Women conceive of life internally, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and as an abstract idea, and in all other ways women experience it. Women carry life inside for almost a year and give birth and produce the sustenance of life that nurtures life into being…

Women’s profound difference is universal and unsurpassed compared to men’s restricted abstract ideas of life. This difference grants women the only authority to speak with any intelligent human understanding and wisdom upon which men should pay heed (and can learn a great deal if we did). Men can never know, can never hope to know, can never wish to know how to bring life into the world. Men can only conceive an idea of life. Women conceive all of human life, always have and always will. Men should honor, respect, and defend—with our lives—this natural truth.

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Rose S Medina
Rose S Medina
May 18, 2022

If men thought like you our planet 🌎 would be a healthy beautiful place to raise our children! You give me hope!

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